The India travel guide: Where to go and the best recommended time to go

You may have heard many things about India like the way of life there and that there are many gods that they worship that include animals. In other countries, they also worship animals that leads them to take care of them and feed them. They even have festivals for them. But this is not the only ones that you can see and find in the country of India as there are many places that are beautiful to visit and make an adventure. Here are recommended places for you.

One of the places that you should not escape is the famous Taj Mahal that is located in Agra. It is recommended you go in the month of October to March or July to September. But if you already have had much information and have seen too many images of the place you can go to other places where you can explore and know about them. To travel in this place, you consult over this agency click info 泰雅.  If you like to see the beauty of architecture and experience culture, go to Pondicherry as recommended.

If you want to experience nature with natural beaches and do yoga you can go to Goa. You can also find nice restaurants to try the food and there is a nightlife activity. You can also know the history of the place and the architecture displayed in the same place. If you have this guide then you can plan your visit so that you can cover different locations to have diverse experience and go back full of joy and contentment. Find this travel agency to help you 台胞證. You may need to refer on this insurance to create a better future.

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