Important Tips on how to Beat Jet Lag

Having a long trip is not easy. Some people are sensitive especially when traveling. If you are not used to traveling to different places, especially far places, you can find trouble. Some people cannot take to ride an air-conditioned bus or van, if they ride due to some unfavorable circumstance, the body will feel uneasy. It is the same when you ride an airplane. There’s a big possibility that you will suffer from jet lag. So, before you experience jet lag, you need time to prepare.

What do you need to prepare?

Adjust your Schedule

Before your trip, adjust your schedule so that your body can also adjust to the new time zone. You can start your adjustment from 30 minutes so that you can easily adjust when you arrive at your destination.

Take evening Flight

Having your flight at night is better than any other time. It’s good to sleep during your trip. When you arrive at your destination, you can have the same schedule just like before you depart.

Prepare your important Belongings

What are the things you have to prepare? There are at least 4 important things: passport, ticket, pocket money, and your personal belongings.

What about during your trip? What are the things you have to prepare?

Keep hydrated

To avoid jet lag, it is very important to keep hydrated. Most especially, drink a lot of water. Avoid alcohol and caffeine.

Don’t sit still

During your trip, especially if it is a long trip, your body can feel heavy. So it’s better to stand and walk during break times.





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