Different Struggles to Face When Traveling

Traveling to various places is like an adventure time for others. But, for some people, it’s hard for them to have fun. What could be the possible reasons? If you are a beginner as a traveler, you may not know what to do when you face  struggles while traveling especially overseas.

Here are the different struggles to face when traveling. Everywhere you go, there are hardship and unpleasant experiences.

Unfamiliar environment and culture

The place you go is unfamiliar. There are many things you see as new. It is also natural that we will experience other’s culture. We may be culture-shocked but this is normal. Just focus on the purpose you’ve got in your mind before going.


There are reasons why you feel uneasy. Maybe people are not approachable. Food is strange in your taste and the environment is not comfortable. Especially when you come from a place where everything is provided and then you suddenly go to a place where you have to serve yourself.

Being Lost in the Forest

In the forest, when lost, it is very hard to get out. This is because there are many routes. If you don’t know how to go back to where you go, it’s better to stay where you are and wait for your companions until they find you. Make sure your phone has extra battery so that in case you will be lost, you can ask for help.

Language Barrier

If you don’t know how to speak at least the international language which is English, you will be in trouble. So, it is better to learn this language so that you can communicate with others.

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